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Goodbye Junk North Shore:
Appliance Removals


Appliance Removals

Goodbye Junk is an Australian rubbish removal service that specializes in removing wastes all over the North Shore. We provide an appliance removal service where we can help you remove your home appliances. When removing home appliances, you’ll find that there is not enough space to put your unused appliances after removing them. But with the help of Goodbye Junk, you’ll have lots of space in our huge truck to put your appliances in. Removing home appliances is our specialty, and of course you don’t need to worry about us taking our the wrong ones. We always ask your permission first before throwing away and removing anything. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, there’s always an appliance that becomes broken or that you don’t like anymore. Or if you’re about to renovate your house and want to replace all your appliances, it’s a great chance to call us! However big or small the appliance is, our job is to remove every single to you want us to remove, so it doesn’t matter.

Appliance Removals

Our team is composed of licensed removals and professional staffs. We know how to work effectively in the most time-efficient manner. Our years of training and experience will prove how professional our service is. Our goal is to provide you with the highest standard of service in order to satisfy you. We know how hospitality venues and shops often also have storage areas that are full of broken or unneeded furniture and appliances. It is our job to empty your storage room without wasting any time so that you can utilize your storage room again.


Appliance Removals

We are open 7 days a week and offer a same day and a next day service for those of you who in a hurry. That means, we can immediately go to your place and collect your appliances after you give us a call. We are committed to recycling and donating as much of what we pick up as we can and we do our jobs quickly. Our pricing is set at an affordable rate, and of course the tip is always our last resort. We give you a free quote before starting everything to make sure you’re well informed about the pricing. So don’t hesitate and call Goodbye Junk in the North Shore for help! We will definitely come help you in a blink of an eye.


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Nicole Billett


Had a fantastic experience with Goodbye Junk today at my storage unit at our office in Surry Hills. Charlie was super quick to respond to my initial enquiry, followed me up and booked in a convenient time. His team that arrived on site, lead by John, were very professional, quick, resourceful and took control of the project. So very grateful to Charlie and his team, would highly recommend them.



I found this company both professional and friendly, which made them excellent to deal with. They came quickly, did a great job and cleaned up afterwards. I thought the cost was very reasonable. Their communication was also excellent and Dorothy (on the switchboard) was especially patient and helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Joe Rowling


Thanks Charlie - quick, efficient, friendly and excellent communication. Your team was excellent. You hear stories about waste disposal companies quoting them showing up and increasing the price so good to have a job priced and delivered as quoted. Would recommend you in the future.

Della Shandler


Highly recommend Charlie and Goodbye Junk. Best Rubbish Removal company I have dealt with in terms of service and price. Very efficient and friendly.

A houston


Charlie and the team are lifesavers! I was let down by another removal company on the day of moving out of my property. Goodbye Junk came through fast, efficient and very reasonably priced in comparison to other companies. I would 100% recommend and will be using in the future.