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Why Rubbish Removals over Skip Bin Hire

Our unique services will beat any of the other options available for waste disposal out there.
We know that skip bin hire is the go to option, but it pales in comparison to our service, and here’s why:

Skip Bins


1 We do everything

Save time and money! Our professional team takes care of all the dirty work for you. Use your weekend to relax and be more productive

2 Cheaper & faster

We’re quicker than your regular skip bin hire, because we’re in and out in one trip. That means you’re avoiding the regular fees associated with skip bin hire like drop off and disposal fees, among others. You’re paying less, and for a better service.

3 No ugly skip bins

Save the hassle! Not only are skip bins unattractive on your front lawn, but they also require council approval and significant space for trucks to load them.

Why Choose Goodbye Junk

& friendly

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We load
your rubbish

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Insured up
to $20 million

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Goodbye Junk North Shore



Your Expert Rubbish Removal Specialists in the North Shore

Don't spend your weekend filling up an expensive skip bin


Goodbye Junk is an Australian rubbish removal service that specializes in removing your wastes across the North Shore. We have various services like commercial rubbish removal, house-hold rubbish removal, and many more.

We provide office strip outs, green waste collection, and basically anything you want to throw away. Our team is composed of experts and professionals who’ve had years of training and experience. Our goal is to provide you with the highest standard of service.

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We help our customers with furniture pickup and removal, office strip outs, mattress removals, garden waste pickup, concrete waste removal, office furniture removal, grinding, labor hire, and many more!

Why choose us? First of all, our pricing is always upfront with a free quote in order to prevent hidden costs. We will keep you fully informed and updated in case of any changes. The tip is always our last resort, and you are always our top priority. We are committed to recycling and donating as much of what we pick up as we can. Goodbye Junk will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We offer a same day or next day service, meaning that after you call us, we can serve you immediately and collect your waste. We take anything that is non-hazardous from green waste, electronic waste, commercial waste, food waste, and many more. We pick up your rubbish from wherever it is and sweep up after ourselves to make sure everything is kept clean. We don’t just throw your rubbish away, but we do our best to donate it or recycle it for we care about the environment and have a strong heart in wanting to protect it.

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Rubbish Removal North Shore

Every residential and commercial property owner knows how much of trouble, time and effort goes into removing rubbish from their property. Over time, all types of waste and debris tend to get accumulated in various areas of the premises. If you leave it lying around, it only results in clutter which affects the comfort levels of people living or working on the property.

Also, too much clutter results in pest infestations and poor quality indoor air due to the accumulation of dust etc. The simplest way to avoid all of these problems is to opt for high-quality rubbish removal North Shore services that we at Goodbye Junk Rubbish Removal offer.

Our company is one of the leading operators in this industry, and commercial and residential clients across the region trust us with all of their rubbish removal North Shore requirements. We know that each client will have specific requirements which is why we tailor our services based on your needs. You will also find that our waste removal solutions are far better than a regular skip bin hire service.

Comprehensive Rubbish Removal North Shore Services

1. All-Round Solutions

We understand that every client will have specific needs in terms of the kind of waste disposal solutions they require. It is why we handle all of the messy work for you and offer a wide variety of rubbish removal solutions including

Whether you need one appliance removed or an entire property cleared off all the junk that has accumulated from a DIY renovation project, we are here to help. Our experts go the extra mile to understand what your specific needs are and offer customised services so that you get efficient and quick solutions that help to clear all of the waste from your property within the shortest possible time.

2. Efficient and Affordable Rubbish Disposal in North Shore

When you take a look at the services that we offer, you will realise that our solutions are very different from a standard skip Bin hire. Since we manage everything in a single trip, you do not have to pay additionally for disposal fees and drop-off fees. These types of fees are very common in skip bin hire service. When you compare all these aspects, you will find that our services are far more efficient and affordable than any skip bin service that you can opt for.

3. No Unappealing Skip Bins

If you have ever hired a skip bin, you will know that it affects the appearance of your property for all the days that it is lying in front of your yard. You would need to get Council approval and make sure that there is sufficient loading space near the bin. Having to deal with all of these problems creates a lot of hassle for property owners. In comparison, when you choose to hire rubbish removal North Shore service operators like us, you are assured of a hassle-free experience.

Variety of Wastes That We at Goodbye Junk Handle

We have the experience and expertise to remove all types of rubbish from commercial and residential properties. As long as the waste is non-hazardous, our company is more than happy to remove it and dispose of it for you. Over the years, we have helped many clients with construction rubbish removal and all types of residential and commercial rubbish removal in North Shore.

Also, we can remove fixtures from your property, drywall and other features if you are completing a renovation project. Small demolitions such as the removal of sheds or a small room from your property are the other services that our company can provide.

You can also hire us to help with waste disposal during any DIY renovation project for strip out project. We also have the expertise, tools and equipment needed for concrete grinding services and the different surfaces that we can treat include parking lots, garage floors, driveways as well as entrance pathways and more.

Why Hire Us?

For any more information about our services, call Goodbye Junk Rubbish Removal on 02 9056 8101 or get your free quote here. Our expert team is here to help with every rubbish removal North Shore needs.


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Nicole Billett


Had a fantastic experience with Goodbye Junk today at my storage unit at our office in Surry Hills. Charlie was super quick to respond to my initial enquiry, followed me up and booked in a convenient time. His team that arrived on site, lead by John, were very professional, quick, resourceful and took control of the project. So very grateful to Charlie and his team, would highly recommend them.



I found this company both professional and friendly, which made them excellent to deal with. They came quickly, did a great job and cleaned up afterwards. I thought the cost was very reasonable. Their communication was also excellent and Dorothy (on the switchboard) was especially patient and helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Joe Rowling


Thanks Charlie - quick, efficient, friendly and excellent communication. Your team was excellent. You hear stories about waste disposal companies quoting them showing up and increasing the price so good to have a job priced and delivered as quoted. Would recommend you in the future.

Della Shandler


Highly recommend Charlie and Goodbye Junk. Best Rubbish Removal company I have dealt with in terms of service and price. Very efficient and friendly.

A houston


Charlie and the team are lifesavers! I was let down by another removal company on the day of moving out of my property. Goodbye Junk came through fast, efficient and very reasonably priced in comparison to other companies. I would 100% recommend and will be using in the future.